Anam Memory Care Campus

Loving solutions for complex senior needs

Anam is a licensed assisted living campus with a range of facilities that provide advanced memory care for persons with dementia. Anam is built around Anam Cara – a beautiful philosophy of love, friendship and nurturing the soul. It literally means soul friend. For people needing memory care, they are secured and safe. Anam Memory Care Campus represents Rockford’s only locally owned and operated assisted living facilities. Our memory program, refined through 35 years of experience, received “Special Care” distinction from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Anam Healthcare Guidance and Problem Solving

Answers to questions you don’t even know how to ask

The dementia journey is a life experience fraught with confusion and doubt. Through Anam’s professional partnership with Satori Pathway Healthcare consultants, we offer insight and guidance based upon five decades of expertise in the field of senior healthcare and financing. We know first-hand how stressful this time is for many families, especially those who may be supporting education or lifestyle needs for their offspring and are now juggling unanticipated healthcare needs for their parents in addition.

We’ve been there ourselves and we’ve heard it all. We understand difficult family dynamics that are often embarrassing to discuss. We are experienced mediators and have great success helping family members understand the realities of the aging process through “different eyes.” Our intake sessions often provide new insights, new hope and welcome reassurance during a time of increasing confusion and conflict for all involved.

We also know how hard it is to make choices when the money is simply not easily accessed. While Anam Memory Care Homes operate on a private-pay basis and are not Medicare or Medicaid eligible, we are often able to help families identify resources they might not have considered previously, to provide the most optimum care for their loved one.

For more information, or to visit our campus for a personal introduction, call (815) 395-2157.

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