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Early-onset Dementia – Not All Who Wander are Lost


Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, also known as younger-onset affects people younger than 65, many people with this diagnosis are in their 40’s and 50’s, they have families and careers when Alzheimer’s disease strikes. In the United

Early-onset Dementia – Not All Who Wander are Lost2020-11-24T11:06:47-06:00

Not Your Grandparent’s Nursing Home!


The Green House Project is getting a lot of attention recently on PBS/NPR and the New York Times. The concept isn’t new but compared to traditional nursing homes the concepts are radical. The idea behind

Not Your Grandparent’s Nursing Home!2021-02-01T14:26:23-06:00

The Sound Of Music


  Most of us have experienced the way music can transport us back to long past memories, can calm us, steady us and move us to feel at one with the world. At a time when my […]

The Sound Of Music2020-11-24T15:16:32-06:00

Holidays With Parents


The holidays bring scattered families together — giving adult children the perfect opportunity to closely inspect how aging parents are managing. It’s no coincidence that calls to assisted living facilities and other housing alternatives spike just […]

Holidays With Parents2020-11-24T15:24:16-06:00
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